About us Ontario Labradoodle breeder
Morgan Horse on beach
Peter & Debbie Buick & Max

Together with my husband Peter we began over 35 years ago raising and training Morgan horses, Golden Retrievers, and Bichons near Elmira, Ontario.  We enjoyed much success on all 3 ventures, and now retired  our last home raised Morgan horse Max.  He has become a trusted trail mount in Michigan after a successful career with me in endurance.

For a few years we had rescue dogs for pets to make the trek back and forth to Florida, but after just loosing our last little rescue, we found there was this big old hole in our hearts that needed to be filled with another fur kid.  I chose an Australian Labradoodle for my daughter a couple years back, from a Florida breeder, and she turned out to be the most lovable, amazing pet for her family.  Falling in love with Sadie was so easy, we decided that was the breed for us.   Please read on for more info about this wonderful breed if you are not familiar with it.

We  chose two beautiful females to start our breeding program of authentic, Australian, multi-gen puppies.  Since then we have produced many beautiful companion pups for our clients.  We welcome your inquiries!