Being a guardian home for a dog is an excellent way to acquire a pick of the litter quality dog without all of the expense.

It is our belief that every dog deserves a loving family of their own.  We do not have kennel dogs, our dogs either live with us as family members, or in a loving guardian home with their own forever family.  We only place the males in guardian homes as it is the least disruptive to the dog and family.  We arrange about 10 days in advance when we need him, sometimes for the day and he goes home again if within reasonable driving distance, or sometimes he will spend up to one week with us.  You get the pick of a litter breeding dog to be your forever pet, we get to use him for maximum 7 years.  He will then be neutered and he is yours to keep forever.  By that time he is an intricate part of your heart and family.  

To qualify for our guardian program, you must:

1.  Own your own home.

2.  Have a fully fenced yard.

3.  Live within one hour of our home.

4.  Socialize and train your pet.

5.  Provide veterinary care when needed (we provide and pay for all testing for breeding dogs)

6.  Ensure your dog will not be left for more than 5 hours a day alone.

7.  Carry health insurance for the dog, for unforeseen circumstances that may occur.  (we recommend Trupanion)

If you think being a guardian home would interest you, please inquire.